Slater & Marjo in the Morning



Hi, I’m Slater, and if I didn’t love my job I would not get up at 4:30 every morning! (believe me)! I try my hardest to keep you informed and entertained from 6-10 Monday thru Friday on Live 95.9! FUN FACTS: I regularly check my pulse. I love buying new shoes. I host trivia nights for Bob Heck Entertainment. I sleep with the fan on medium. I love The Beatles. I’m built like a coat rack. I have gray hair and a red beard. My favorite movie is “The Blues Brothers”. I love sushi. I love steak. I’m really good at fast pitch wiffle ball. 

marjo 20161

Hi, I’m Marjo,  by far the coolest, member of the staff here at Live 95.9. I’m a native of the Berkshires, who grew up in Williamstown and attended Berkshire Community College after high school. I’ve spent the past 12 years in the restaurant business, and my love of people and passion for working with the public has me very excited to interact with the community on this new platform. I’m a lover of all things sports, including a borderline obsession with the Dallas Cowboys. I love to run and play golf (neither of which I excel at) and my free time is spent hanging out with my giant fur baby Bam Bam, a 115 pound St. Bernard mix. I’m a total foodie that got the travel bug at a  young age and to this day enjoy exploring the world with my crazy band of friends. I’m thrilled to be representing for the ladies, little do they know it, but Slater and Mike are in trouble!

  • Gregory

    Marjo, you commented that racism doesn’t affect your everyday life. I, respectfully, disagree. You are surrounded by minorities be they co-workers, workers at restaurants, auto garages and other services. You may have family married to an ethnic minority and have mixed race children. Racism affects your every day life because it affects these people around you. You may not see it, you may not realize it, but racism is there affecting everything and affecting you, every day in your every interaction with other people. Don’t forget.