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5 Psychological Tricks That Yield Big Advantages

It’s a new month and maybe you’re thinking about a fresh start: a new you.  Well, how about I tell you some secrets that can trick people into giving you major advantages in the workplace.
  1. We all have that co-worker who loves to make you their verbal punching bad either by criticizing your work or spreading rumors about you, so here’s what you do: You sit next to them especially at meetings.  Without the group buffer, they will either back off or be a lot less nasty.
  2. Once you finish a pitch, ask someone out, ask for a favor, or whatever and don’t say anything else after.  Make the other person respond and that forces them to keep talking, and eventually say yes to the awkwardness.
  3. Figure out someone’s eye color the moment you meet them.  That forces you to make eye contact more intently, since you stare just a little bit longer.  That makes your introduction more memorable and stronger.
  4. If you need a big favor from someone, start off with smaller favors first.  They need to be put into the right mindset.  Once they do the small thing, their brain goes into the right mode to help you out.
  5. Gum is actually your best friend – chewing gum before doing something that gives you anxiety like speaking in public, it tricks your brain into thinking, “If I’m eating, I’m not in danger.” Chewing does calm you down.

(Image: Combative Mind)
More info HERE  (Reddit)

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05/01/2014 6:24AM
5 Psychological Tricks That Yield Big Advantages
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