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6 Things to Expect When Your Bestie Gets a Boyfriend

So when your best friend gets a boyfriend… yes, things change.  Here are the six top things that change in your friendship during her “honeymoon” stage.
  1. She’s only going to talk about him.  She’s going to bring him up at every chance she gets so just let it happen.   She’s excited! Eventually, she’ll stop telling you about his favorite restaurant or shoe size.
  2. Making plans will become a bit more difficult.  She may have to check her schedule, or her boyfriend, before agreeing to hang. 
  3. They’ll be pretty inseparable for a bit.  So you may not be able to have a normal conversation for a bit
  4. She’ll post about him on Facebook quite a bit.  New profile pictures, status updates…
  5. If you’re single, she will ask you when you’re thinking of getting a boyfriend.  It can be because if she has one, you should, too.  Or just because double dates!
  6. You will have to be her shoulder to cry on.  Every argument, or near break, or break up, you are going to be the person she goes to for support.


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05/07/2014 6:19AM
6 Things to Expect When Your Bestie Gets a Boyfriend
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