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7 Simple Steps to Help You Feel Young

New month: new you.  Also it’s summer, the ultimate time to feel like a kid again. 
Here’s 7 ways to make you feel younger!
  1. Get more sleep.  If you rack up at least 8 hours a night for six weeks, it gives you more energy.
  2. Before diving into your next meal, go for the fruit or vegetable first and chase that with a glass of water.   That bolsters your energy and if 90% of the things you eat are considered good for you, you can eat whatever you like for the other 10%
  3. Lift weights.  The stronger muscle fiber you develop, the younger you feel.  It can make you feel years younger.
  4. Be vain.  Not to the point where you seek plastic surgery, but try to put as much effort as you can into your appearance.  It boosts your confidence.
  5. Mix up your routine.  If you do the same thing over and over again, your brain atrophies.  Keep your brain stimulated by doing different things.
  6. Listen to music you loved when you were younger.  It does make you feel younger and it improves your memory and health.
  7. Optimism is key.  Life can get harder as you go on, but staying positive keeps you looking, acting, and feeling younger.
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05/01/2014 6:40AM
7 Simple Steps to Help You Feel Young
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