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Dogs Communicate With Their Eyes

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and apparently the same can be said of dogs. New data from Japan reveals that wolves and dogs are capable of communicating using only their eyes. Researchers compared the characteristics of the face and eyes among 25 different types of canines.

They found that species with the most striking eyes tended to live and hunt in groups, where eye-based communication was needed to bring down large prey. Species with camouflaged eyes were more likely to live alone or in pairs, where communication may not be needed as much. Previous studies have shown that domestic dogs are more likely to make direct eye contact with humans than wolves raised in the same setting. This suggests that dogs are more in tune with humans, and see humans as "socially useful."

A recent study in Japan found that eye shape, iris colour and facial markings in canines are part of an intricate eye-based communication system that humans do not yet fully understand. Pictured are areas of the creatures' face that researchers studied
(Image: Daily Mail)
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07/03/2014 4:37AM
Dogs Communicate With Their Eyes
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