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First Borns More Likely to Find Love Online

Have you ever tried online dating?
Now, science finds you're more likely to be successful if you're the firstborn in your family. A team of researchers looked at data from 7.6 million PlentyOfFish users. They found that middle children are the least likely to find a relationship online, while eldest children are most likely to find love. In families with more siblings, the eldest's chances of finding a relationship climbed higher.
For example, in a family with four children, the eldest had a ten percent higher chance of finding love online compared to his or her siblings. Sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox says, "You're not fated to live out your life dominated by the random timing of your birth. The stereotypes are more based on our role in the family which is something we are free to change." Cox adds its surprising that the youngest was found to have a harder time finding love online as they usually have great social skills and are popular.  

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06/16/2014 5:57AM
First Borns More Likely to Find Love Online
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