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How Much Money Attractive People Earn

It pays to be attractive. An analysis of several studies finds that pretty people stand to make 230 thousand dollars more in their lifetime than more average looking folks. The advantages apparently start at infancy, when cuter babies receive more attention from strangers and their parents. Also, in school teachers form higher expectations for attractive students, and they tend to get slightly higher grades.

When a pretty person is old enough to begin job hunting, hiring managers are more likely to hire them compared to unattractive applicants with the same resume. However, it's not all good news for the beautiful-- economist Daniel Hamermesh says that people rated as "very attractive" are "significantly and substantially more likely to have committed robbery, theft, or assault than were other youths."

(Image: Daily Beast)
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07/24/2014 4:13AM
How Much Money Attractive People Earn
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