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Male Smokers Get Fewer Dates

Looks like the DARE program was a hit.  The majority of Americans surveyed in a recent study finds that smoking is so not sexy.  A dating app called Hinge found that men who opt to identify themselves as a smoker tend to be rejected up to 90% of the time!   If we're going to talk insult to injury, that makes them 61% more likely than non-smokers to get kicked to the curb by a potential date.   

But there is good news!  Less Americans are smoking.  Bad news?  More than 20% of adult men mostly between 25 and 44 still light up. 

So if you're looking for love, maybe put down the cig or kick the habit all together.  No one will believe your friendzone stories as you cry onto your "cancer sticks."

guy-smoking.jpg (320×320)

Just make sure this is not what you consider a "smoking hot" profile image on your dating page.


More info HERE

03/24/2014 10:27AM
Male Smokers Get Fewer Dates
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