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Beyonce & The Game Speak on Baltimore Riots

Celebrities keep coming forward to throw their two cents about the unrest in Baltimore.

The riots were sparked by the mysterious death of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man who died under mysterious causes while in police custody. A medical examiner says his death is a result of a fatal spinal injury and video survelliance caught him being chased and tackled by cops during an arrest on April 12th.

Beyonce took to Instagram, "People are hurting. Join us in supporting the NAACP to help in the cleanup efforts and to provide housing, food and supplies to those affected by unrest in Baltimore."
  • Some felt that the singer should have remained silent, while others felt that posting something on social media wasn't enough. One person said, "Sooo, now the CARTER's care??? Oh please! Its all because CAMEL and his torn to shreads #TIDAL FOR AND BY THE 1%!" Another commenter said, "Why is Beyonce supposed to do something about the plight of our black males being killed almost every week and the plight of blacks in the USA??? she can comment sure BUT we have a President whom was reelected whos should be Stepping UP BIG TIME!"


Meanwhile, The Game wrote an editorial entitled "Young Black Men Are Targets" about the riots for Billboard. The rapper recalled being a part of the L.A. riots back in 1992, saying, "I remember looting and throwing bottles and jumping on bottles, jumping on police cars and just being angry. At the moment, it felt great. It all seemed cool for the moment, but now I'm 35. Looking back at what we did as a collective, a young black collective, we ruined our own neighborhood. I feel like we're seeing the same things happening in Baltimore."

  • He continued, "I'm not there [in Baltimore] to gauge the balance between now and the '92 riots, but I understand the anger. I understand people wanting to be heard and being tired and fed up. I feel what happened to Freddie Gray was just another reminder of the neglect of the African-American youth in America and us as people. Look at how long we've been victims of the world. From slavery, from not being able to vote, up until our children. Young black men in general are targets. People [are] using unlawful force to take our lives. We've seen kids shot [and] beaten. We've seen everything. At the end of the day, we get fed up."


Taraji P. Henson also spoke out on the death of Freddie Gray, saying, "It's sad. It hurts. It's scary. It's very, very scary. I'm the mother of an African-American young man. It's very scary, the times we're living in. I mean, it's almost like it's The Twilight Zone. Because look at how well we're getting along here and then you turn on the news and it's like a reminder of how bad things really are."

  • She continued, "[It's like] he's [her son Marchel] not allowed to have a bad day. If he gets pulled over by the cops and you know he's been pulled over one too many times and he's like, 'Why are you messing with me?', like Eric Garner, he could get choked out on the sidewalk, just for voicing an opinion. Just for being a human and having a bad day. Not breaking the law. You know? Just because he answered the officer wrong, he can have his life taken and that scares the sh*t out of me."

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The Dumb Reason Why 44,000 Cars Were Stolen Last Year

You never want your car to get stolen, but some people make it just too easy.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau crunched the numbers, and reports that between 2012 and 2014, 126,603 vehicles were stolen with the keys left inside. Though auto theft has declined in recent years, the percentages of key-in-car thefts has climbed.

In 2012, 5.4% of cars stolen had keys inside at the time of theft, that percentage jumped up to 6% in 2013, and 6.7% in 2014. That means last year 44,828 vehicles were stolen because someone forgot to take their keys out of the car with them.

(Image: The Car Connection)
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Rumor: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Never Broke Up

Maybe they aren't dunzo after all!

Emma Stone was photographed in Beverly Hills on holding a shopping bag with Andrew Garfield's name on it. The bag has raised some questions as to whether or not the couple is really on a break. It is rumored that they are taking a break because Andrew has been in a dark place preparing for a new film role in Martin Scorsese's Silence.

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Britney Spears Launching Smartphone App

Britney Spears is taking a page from Kim Kardashian's book and is launching an app from Glu Mobile.

The game is expected to be released next year as part of a five-year deal the singer signed with Glu to feature her likeness, voice, and "creative influence." The company is also working on games featuring Katy Perry and Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

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New Stupid Viral Trend for Teens: "Game of 72'

And here we thought we all learned our lesson about going along with viral dares. Last week, we had the awful "Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge" that had doctors all up in arms, but here we are again staring down at another trend that is making us second guess if we have truly reached the bottom of the barrel.

The new dare is called "Game of 72," and involves teens challenging each other to disappear without a word for 12, 24 or 72 hours.

The game originated in France and authorities were alerted to the game after a 13-year-old girl from Northern France went missing for three days last week. When she returned to her family after 72 hours, she refused to tell her parents or police where she had been, but referenced the "Game of 72" dare.

So far, the only other evidence police have found of the game are dozens of panicked Facebook posts being shared by parents warning each other about it.

The French group Against Dangerous Games for Children released a statement saying, "We urge all parents to be aware their children might be involved in this game. Children must be told it is much better to fail the game, than risk a dangerous situation and never come home at all."

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Melissa Rivers Reflects on Her Mother's Death

Melissa Rivers if finally ready to tell us what was going through her mind when she made the decision to take her mother, Joan Rivers, off life support.

She appears in the new issue of People magazine reflecting on having to make the decision to let her mother die. She explained, "I knew it wasn't good, but you have those moments of hope. And you hang on to those. I was going, 'You've got to fight, Don't do this!' I was just making deals with her. And then at some point you realize, there's no fighting."

Melissa adds, "She had written in specifically that she was to be able to go onstage. For an hour. And be funny. She wasn't going to be happy wheeled in to sit in the sun, you know? It was an amazing gift to give me, knowing exactly how she wanted her life to be. Not that it's ever an easy decision, but I knew I was making the right one."

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Demi Lovato Shames Angry Tattoo Artist

Demi Lovato didn't mince words when she posted a lengthy message to the angry tattoo artist who gave her a free ink job and covered up. However, that tattoo, which was supposed to look like pink puckered lips, was widely mocked for looking like the female genitalia.

The artist, Ashley McMullen, shamed Demi on social media and even made allegations that Demi is lying about being sober. Clearly, a bad move.

Demi wrote in response, "Dear Ashley McMullen, I wasn't going to acknowledge your bitter Instagram comments but since your side of the story has picked up some headlines, I would like to share my thoughts and send you a proper apology. First, I would like to say I'm really sorry I don't remember you or getting tattooed by you, but as you know I was fucked up and sometimes people act like "#turds" when they're loaded. Second, I apologize for my "#peepeetoiletseat"...That wasn't on purpose, I was simply a drunken teenage girl. Lastly, I apologize for making fun of your work.. But...if I were you, I wouldn't claim that one because it looked more like an open vagina (or even a butt hole as my 8 year old little sister called it at the time.) I also wouldn't be admitting to the fact that you tattooed a very intoxicated 18 year old on a tour bus without the proper judgement that most legit tattoo artists have of saying 'Hmm...This underage kid is wasted, maybe I shouldn't permanently ink a hot pink kiss mark on this girl's wrist....? Oh well...F*** it, she's famous.' I can't blame you for getting the tattoo, I take full responsibility for that but if the issue here is you wanting credit, maybe next time you should wait for the person to get your tattoo sober so they would actually remember getting the tattoo in the first place, or perhaps you could've thought about all of this as a blessing that I forgot everything about you -- that was until you outted yourself for the now internationally infamous "vagina tattoo." But you're right, I should give credit where credit is due, and you Ashley, surely deserve credit for this one. #justputitonmytab"

Ashley was a contestant on the fourth season of Spike TV's Ink Master.

(Image: Ink Nation)
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Rosie O'Donnell's Ex Names Weed Addiction in Custody Battle

Things are becoming even uglier in the bitter custody battle between Rosie O'Donnell and her ex-wife Michelle Rounds.

Michelle is now citing Rosie's alleged drinking and weed smoking addiction, which she claims makes her unfit to parent their two-year-old daughter. She also claims that Rosie has allowed her 19-year-old son to throw parties where all the kids are getting drunk.

Sources close to Rosie are saying that this is all an attempt to get more cash from the comedian even though Michelle claims that she was already a millionaire before the marriage. Rosie's rep told TMZ, "This is a distorted perception of Michelle's reality. It's sad in every way."

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