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Scientific Theory about Why Women Get PMS

The symptoms of premenstrual syndrome are unpleasant, and science has long been trying to figure out why PMS occurs. Now one researcher is offering a possible explanation. In a new paper, Michael Gillings, a professor of molecular evolution, writes, "PMS is a simple and natural behavior that arose as a consequence of our evolutionary past."

Gillings theorizes that PMS would have broken up infertile relationships, or as he puts it, "the animosity exhibited during PMS would be directed at the mate" which would kill the relationship. To sum it up, Gillings says, "Imagine that a woman was pair bonded with a sterile or infertile male. If women in these relationships exhibited PMS and this increased the likelihood of the pair bond dissolving, this would be a huge reproductive advantage." Still, not everyone buys it. Dr. Olivia Judson says the hypothesis is "intriguing but far from proven."

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08/18/2014 4:17AM
Scientific Theory about Why Women Get PMS
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