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The Scary Side of a Technology Heavy Future

Seems that Americans view technology as a blessing and a curse.  While 60% of those surveyed think the future will be better because of technology, most are freaked out about some potential advancements.
Like half fear the possibility of implants that track your information.  66% fear designer babies, where parents will be able to manipulate their kid’s DNA.  About 65% of the surveyed were uncomfortable with robots replacing caretakers for the elderly and sick. 
And a whopping 80% will never consume meat grown in a lab.

However, when asked about time travel, everyone seemed pretty ecstatic about the possibility.  They just hope no one steps on any butterflies when visiting the prehistoric era.  Or maybe that's just me. 

(Photo: Pando)
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04/21/2014 7:59AM
The Scary Side of a Technology Heavy Future
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