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When Do People Really Start Feeling Old?

If you’re under 50 and feel old.  Stop.  Feeling old doesn’t mean drinking wine at home instead of the bar or not liking MTV anymore.
A new survey asked people over 50 when they really started to feel their age, and the answer was… 50.    80% said they truly started worrying about their age then.  They said if you worry before that mark, stop, because you’re taking your youth for granted.
About 5% said they started worrying at age 40.
So what are the top worries when you reach 50?  Health issues, serious illnesses, a failing mind, forgetting, losing independence, losing sight, being a burden to others, their body failing yet their mind staying fit, money, and having to go to a nursing home.

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05/06/2014 6:14AM
When Do People Really Start Feeling Old?
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