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Why Are There So Many Redheads on Television?

What kind of a hair day are you having? Apparently, many red heads are being used to sell products. A new study reveals that 30 percent of network television ads that run during prime time feature someone with red hair. Fifty six percent of those ads feature the redhead as the main character, while the rest were extras or background characters.

Andrew Rohm, professor of Marketing at Loyola Marymount University says, "I think it's the novelty factor. The first job for a traditional 30- or 60-second commercial, because they are so fleeting, is to make us pay attention. That is where the redheads come in." Other studies have linked the color red with sexual attraction.

(Image: McDonalds)
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08/12/2014 4:23AM
Why Are There So Many Redheads on Television?
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