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Why The Moon Is Shaped Like a Lemon

The Earth is round, and science has been able to explain why for a while. Now new research reveals why the moon is lemon-shaped. Researchers from the University of California say the Earth's shape can be explained by its rotation and the gravitational pull of the moon. They say the moon's lemon-like shape can be explain by the moon's "formational history." In the moon's early days it was apparently predominantly liquid, and was closer to the Earth than it is now, as well as spinning faster.

These two factors had a sculpting effect, and then were made permanent as the moon solidified and matured. Researcher Ian Garrick-Bethell explains, "If you imagine a spinning water balloon, it will start to flatten at the poles and bulge at the equator. On top of that you have tides due to the gravitational pull of the Earth, and that creates sort of a lemon shape with the long axis of the lemon pointing at the Earth.

(Image: CNN)
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08/01/2014 3:58AM
Why The Moon Is Shaped Like a Lemon
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