Police Search Home for Clues in Murder of Michigan Teen
Police have searched a house in connection to the murder of a 14-year-old girl who was walking her dog, authorities said today. The FBI and Michigan State Police worked with other local teams to execute the search this afternoon outside the town of Armada and would not release any information about the subject of the search, but they did confirm it was related to the murder of April Millsap.
What Sprint's Wireless Plan Says About the Future of Mobile
Sprint and Virgin Mobile USA announced phone plans that can allow you to only use four of the most popular social media apps in the country.
Inside Israel's Search for Tunnels Used by Hamas
ABC News' Terry Moran rode along with an Israeli armored unit into Gaza today.
Boehner v. Obama: House Approves Resolution to Sue President
In a partisan vote that marks a new escalation in the Republican confrontation with President Obama, the House of Representatives approved a resolution to authorize Speaker John Boehner to initiate litigation against the president. Five Republicans joined a unanimous Democratic Caucus in opposition to the...
U.S. Has Sold Ammunition to Israel Since Start of Gaza Conflict
In the last week the U.S. has provided Israel with mortars and ammunition for grenade launchers requested as part of a foreign military arms sale.   The weapons came from a $1 billion stockpile of ammunition stored by the U.S. military in Israel for that country’s...
Plane Used to Evacuate Americans Had Teen's Body in Wheel Well
In a shocking turn of events, the C-130 aircraft on which an African stowaway’s body was found this weekend had just been used to transport U.S. personnel evacuated from Libya.
What Would Happen If Ebola Landed in the US
Why the CDC is confident can contain an outbreak.
Peace Corps Pulling Volunteers From Ebola-Affected Countries
The aid group Samaritan's Purse is pulling nonessential personnel out of West Africa after two workers contracted Ebola.
3 People Killed, Deputies Wounded in NC Shootout
North Carolina sheriff: 3 killed, several deputies wounded in shootout at mobile home park
Prosecutors Rest Case in 'Porch Shooting' Trial
The prosecution rested its case today in the murder trial of a suburban Detroit man who is accused of fatally shooting an unarmed teenager.
Police Arrest Mom After Son, 7, Went to Park Alone
She was charged with neglect.
Obama Scolds Congress: Stop 'Hatin' All the Time'
"Only reason I’m doing [executive action] is because you don’t do anything."
Ex-IRS Official Called Conservatives 'Crazies' in Emails
Republican committee leader cites emails in bid for investigation.
Senators Cross Aisle on Bill to Curb College Sexual Assault
The measure would create new support services for victims of sexual assault.
Inside the Lavish Life That Put Bob McDonnell and His Wife In Court
Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, are currently standing trial on federal corruption charges in what is already shaping up to be the juiciest political legal drama of the summer -- maybe even the year. The couple stands accused of accepting over $165,000 in lavish gifts and loans from a friend of the family. And just a few days into the trial, it turns out the friend, Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams, was much more than that. Attorneys for McDonnell say the couple couldn’t have conspired to use his office for personal gain because they suffered “a broken down� marriage and were “barely on speaking terms.�
Passenger Dies on US Airways Flight to Phoenix
Authorities: Woman dies after medical emergency on commercial flight from Honolulu to Phoenix
Uber, Lyft Drivers and Customers Kiss and Tell
Uber and Lyft customers might be getting a bit more than a ride home from some of their drivers.
What Bugs Consumers the Most? Top 10 Complaints Ranked
Complaints about pesky telemarketers continue to tick off consumers, making it the fastest-growing gripe of 2013, according to consumer protection offices around the country.
Twins Sign Unknown With 100-MPH Fastball
Brandon Poulson, 24, has never been drafted.
Photos: 'Dalai Lama' Chairs Available for $10,000
A Chicago-based furniture maker is selling chairs designed for the Dalai Lama.
Andi Dorfman Joked: I'll Have Kids When He Can Afford My Push Presents!
"Bachelorette" winner Josh Murray said they "want a big family."
Photos: Reality TV Star Shows Off Body Months After Delivering Twins
Celebs Flaunt Their Amazing Transformations
Beyond 'Sharknado' - Bizarre Animal Phenomena You Can See for Yourself
As 'Sharknado 2' premieres tonight, we regret to inform you that it didn't REALLY rain cats and dogs the other day and a sharknado is not a real-world event. But on the Internet, at least -- and maybe in the real world, too, in some cases -- maybe it will rain fish or frogs, and a sheepnado might loom over the horizon.
Man Can Clap His Hands 804 Times in One Minute
Bryan Bednarek broke his own Guinness World Record .
UN Official: Vietnam Violates Religious Freedom
UN official says Vietnam seriously violates religious freedom, notes some improvements
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