Teen Arrested for Murder After Girl's Body Found in Dumpster
A 15-year-old has been arrested for murder, police said.
Coast Guard Sent to Georgia Coast for Teens Missing at Sea
Search expanded for two Florida teens who've been missing at sea for days.
Dentist Acknowledges Killing Beloved Lion
Dr. Walter Palmer had "no idea" the lion was beloved.
Convicted Spy Jonathan Pollard Granted Parole
Pollard was convicted in 1985 of stealing secrets from Israel.
Florida Man Arrested In Alleged ISIS-Inspired Bomb Plot
Harlem Suarez, 23, of Key West, Florida, has been charged.
Prison Worker Pleads Guilty to Aiding NY Escapees
Mitchell will be sentenced September 28.
Jail to Release More Sandra Bland Footage Before Her Death
Judge: Texas jail to release more footage of Sandra Bland in holding cell before her death
Car Salesman Allegedly Kidnapped During Test-Drive Escaped
A California car salesman was in for the ride of his life after a customer test-driving the vehicle allegedly tried to steal it with him in it.
Suspicious Letters to Government Agencies Prompt Concern
Police are looking into the matter.
All New Jersey Troopers to Get Body Cameras Within a Year
New Jersey troopers to get body cameras; local police getting guidelines for their use
Obama: Africa Must Create Jobs for Its Next Generation
Obama says creating jobs, opportunity for the next generation is Africa's most urgent task
US Consumer Confidence Falls to Lowest Level Since September
US consumer confidence drops sharply in July on worries about job market, turmoil overseas
Northern California Wildfires Rage on as Temperatures Rise
Wildfires torch parched Northern California, threaten homes as temperatures rise
Sen. Paul: Senate Will Vote on Fed Aid to Planned Parenthood
Sen. Paul says Senate will vote on ending Planned Parenthood federal aid before August break
NATO Proclaims 'Strong Solidarity' With Turkey Against IS
NATO proclaims 'strong solidarity' with Turkey against IS, advises against undue force
Some Victims Identified in 1 of 2 Midwest Plane Crashes
Some victims identified in 1 of 2 Midwestern small plane crashes that killed 7
Defense Witnesses: Colorado Theater Shooter Still Loved
Colorado theater shooter's friends say he is still loved as defense seeks mercy from jury
Android Stagefright Hack: How to Make Sure You're Patched
An estimated 950 million Android smartphones could be taken over by hackers sending a simple picture text messages, according to research from Zimperium.
Heidi Klum Declares Love for Boyfriend Vito Schnabel
Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel are going strong since they first began dating early last year.
How Jeremy Renner Gives Daughter Ava Normal Childhood On Set
Jeremy Renner's two-year-old daughter Ava loves her daddy no matter what he does.
What Cassini Saw on Saturn's Moon Tethys
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has spotted a huge impact crater shining brightly on Tethys, one of Saturn's 62 known moons.
Photos: Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky Enjoy a Red Carpet Date Night
This month's hottest celebrity pictures.
How Nike FuelBand Users Could Get Money as Part of Class Action
People who own a Nike+ FuelBand can get $15 or a $25 Nike gift card as part of a lawsuit over the fitness device's accuracy.
Photos: Uma Thurman Gets Back to Work
See your favorite stars transform into the characters you love.
Brady's Suspension Upheld by NFL Commissioner
Brady and the Patriots have denied knowingly using deflated footballs.
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