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Bryan Slater

Hi, I’m Slater, and if I didn’t love my job I would not get up at 4:30 every morning! (believe me)! Meg and I try our hardest to keep you informed and entertained from 6-10 Monday thru Friday on Live 95.9!
FUN FACTS: I regularly check my pulse. I love buying new shoes. I announce for the Pittsfield Suns. I juice a lemon daily. I host trivia nights for Bob Heck Entertainment. I recently lost “a closest to the pin” contest to a 90 year old man. I drink my beer on ice. I sleep with the fan on medium. I love The Beatles. I’m built like a coat rack. I have gray hair and a red beard. My favorite movie is “The Blues Brothers”. I love sushi. I love steak. I’m really good at fast pitch wiffle ball.


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